I left my job. It took me two full years, but I did it.

It was a stable career of 10+ years in an advertising agency and I left to teach yoga. It was the best thing I’ve ever done, but definitely not the easiest. Some people (myself included) considered it a risky move – something out of the ordinary.

I wanted to follow my heart.

That heart feeling fed my soul and created a domino effect of life changes in me and the people around me. I received emails and Facebook messages from colleagues who were also inspired to listen to a deeper calling.

Things were changing for the better, so I kept listening.

I was led to further my studies with energy work after a deeply healing experience. Via Reiki, I found Ellen Farrell in Savannah Georgia who I received my Reiki Masters from, as well as a Masters in Seichim Energy. Once back in Toronto, I studied my Masters again (I wanted more!) with Tara Antler. Following that, I was gifted the first set of the Munay-ki rites and was inspired to offer Reiki courses.

I then found Anna Verwaal (international birth advocate) through my personal, powerful and painful journey of pregnancy and miscarriage. She awakened my passion to help people understand the energy around conception and to help families feel empowered through labour and birth. I became a DONA trained doula, passionate about preparation for birth and Motherhood. 

My newest teacher, ALisa Starkweather, gifted me her presence for a 9 month long women's mystery and empowerment school. I can't tell you much about that (I have to hold the mystery!) but I can tell you that we worked a lot with the elements thru ancient ceremonies and rituals, often inspired by Shamanism. She had me confronting my fears in a whole new way.

During those 9 months of mystery school, I was in the magic of my second pregnancy. For me, pregnancy was a powerful initiation into Motherhood, which has so far, been the fastest and deepest transformation I've yet endured. This beautiful journey has revealed to me that our culture doesn't honour the passage into Motherhood (beyond gifts and games at a shower) and it has awakened my love to celebrate this transition via spiritual birth preparations and rituals (find me at www.matriarchrising.com for motherhood circles).

Today, I'm happy to say that I'm still listening to my heart because I no longer survive by having a job, but instead, by sharing my passions. Words fall short for how amazing it feels to live this way.

Interested in heart listening? Want to chat? Share a story? Ask a question? Contact me here!

I reside in Toronto (and deep in the woods as often as I can) with my husband and daughter.