My Style

While my classes are Vinyasa & Hatha based, they're graced with the energy and theming from my personal living practice. I teach a soulful class where you can expect to be challenged while put at ease. Classes are a mix of poses that require presence along side stress relieving postures. You'll be sweating with a smile.

I have over 600 hours of teacher training, combining Hatha, Power, Anusara & Ashtanga methods, as well as 1000+ hours of deep study with amazing teachers. Find my resume here.

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You can find me at these public classes at Kula Annex:

Mondays 5:30 - 6:30pm - Level 1 Flow

Mondays, 7:00 - 8:00pm Flow

Fridays 5:30-6:30pm - Flow with FREE childcare (seriously!)

Saturdays 10:30am - 11:30am - Core

Saturdays 12:00 - 1:00pm - Hot

Sundays  5:00-6:00pm - Flow with FREE childcare

(Details on the free childcare here.)

I had only taken three yoga classes in my life before I attended Donna’s. Right from the start, she made me feel welcome. Whether you’ve been doing yoga for years, or (like myself) are fairly new to it, Donna treats each of her students equally...spending the time to ensure they get what they need to make each class work for them, amidst a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

It may be a cliche, but you truly do get out what you put in. Donna certainly puts her heart, her soul, her caring, and her experience into each class. What more could you ask from a teacher?
— Peter Campbell, Copywriter, Leo Burnett
Technically, Donna is an excellent teacher. She really knows how to describe how to get into the pose so that you don’t hurt yourself and that you become stronger every week. I have back and hip issues so that makes a big difference to me.

But the thing you have to understand is that Donna is more than a good teacher. I’ve had good teachers before but they didn’t motivate me like Donna can. I’m not sure how to word this next part but here goes:

Historically I have not been a big fan of the airy fairy bits about yoga. I find that the practice is meditative and helps me focus but that i drift during actual meditation. I admit it, I’m not particularly evolved. But here’s the weird thing. What strikes me most about Donna’s class is that it’s very inspirational. I find that her take on life and how it applies to yoga motivates me well beyond to what I am normally capable of. These classes are helping me to understand that mind-body thing others are always going on about. This is what makes a Donna class special - spine and shoulders above other classes. (yep that’s a pun. I’m not apologizing for it either)

Just hire her. You’ll see.
— Lon Schwartz, B.Sc
Donna Wilding is a terrific teacher. Engaged, thoughtful and with a great sense of humour and amazing yoga music. I’m a beginner with some chronic physical challenges but she never allows me to feel inadequate or slow. That support encourages me to go back and improve!
— Charlotte Mickie, EVP, International Distribution, Entertainment One
I always look forward to my weekly yoga class with Donna. Not only is Donna an excellent teacher, she provides an extra dimension by offering an inspirational theme at each class to motivate her students to reach deeper inside themselves and to look at the world and their relationships in new and different ways.
— Janet Newberry, Coordinator, Governance, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada