Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is an inward journey used to uncover the root of thought patterns you are experiencing in this lifetime. Often, simply by remembering a past life, old patterns (particularly phobias) are instantly released. 

What does a session look like?

We use guided imagery, breathing techniques, and deep contemplation work to re-discover ancient knowledge housed in your cells. People often leave feeling relaxed, deeply focused, and a sense of wisdom and awe from visiting past life memories. Memories can be powerful, tender and provide an enormous amount of clarity.

What If I Don't Believe IN Past Lives?

No need to! Carl Jung believed that we are all in tune with the 'collective unconscious'; the vast storehouse of humanity's memories that we can tune into in order to use other's experiences for our own benefit. This is rather like the 'Akashic Records' of the spiritualists; a kind of video library where all memories are stored. Jung said that when we 'remember' a past life, we have, in effect, used someone else's experience to give us an example of today's challenges.

Why DOn't we remember past lives?

Some of us do. Children often remember between the ages of 2-5. As the new personality is integrated, the memories slip away.

Check out this story and this amazing one of children remembering!

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. No experience is required and major changes can take place simply by remembering. 

What do we cover in a session?

Our past life journey includes:


-inner child work.

-a study of three previous past lives.

-contemplation time and questions on patterns revealed in your past lives and how they have carried forward today.

-clarity on the lessons you are here to learn.


$350 for a 2 hour session.


Have questions? Interested but a little unsure? Ready to go full speed ahead? Contact me here - I'd love to hear from you.