adjusting to motherhood sessions

These sessions are geared any Mom who is feeling stuck or having a hard time adjusting to the role of Mother. Sessions include a heart to heart chat and guidance on the spiritual perspective of Motherhood, a Reiki treatment, followed by a herb bath. Babies welcome (and can be happily bounced while you're bathing, or they may join you).

Sessions may be in person or via Skype.


  • ways to deeply connect to your new Mother self.
  • breath work for relaxation and to aid in going deeper into your consciousness.
  • reviewing your birth story and how that experience may have changed your vision.
  • a spiritual understanding of motherhood and it's challenges.
  • discussions on things that may be holding you back from stepping into the role of Mother fully.
  • a look at the "perfect Mom."
  • learning to release attachment to any ideas you might have surrounding Motherhood. 
  • Ways to get you more support.
  • Resources including books, websites, people and ways to connect to more Moms.

This is a place to honour all of your feelings. Please bring your full self.

$150 + tax per session.

Sessions are 1 - 1.5 hours in length.

Contact me with questions or to book your first appointment.