Working with Donna during the last month of my pregnancy was an incredible gift. She invited me to look at my deepest fears around birth, the ones I didn’t even want to speak out loud. Once I named them, she helped me to imagine what it would look like to be empowered in a frightening situation. This work was absolutely essential to my childbirth experience and allowed me to own and claim it as sacred, even though it did not go as I had planned. When I look back on all of the preparation I did for childbirth, the work I did with Donna was by far the most valuable and meaningful.
— Elana Bell, Writer, Poet, Singer, Artist
The birth prep sessions I did with Donna were some of the most important exercises I did during my pregnancy. Donna helped me identify and work through fears that I wasn’t previously able to articulate. After my sessions with Donna I felt calm, centered, and empowered. I found it extremely helpful to stay balanced in my last days of pregnancy as I waited for labour to begin. I would highly recommend this to any mama to be!
— Lisa Knapper-Nacinovic, Naturopath
Donna is truly special. She made my pregnancy such an empowering, beautiful and positive experience with her incredible birth preparation coaching and energy work. Highly skilled, fearlessly loving, supportive, and generous with her gifts, Donna is the kind of woman I would want by my side through anything. Her ability to integrate the mental, physical, and spiritual to unlock true strength and growth blew me away. She was my motherhood identity midwife, helping me prepare for this new role with such strength and skill that I am forever grateful. Donna has my utmost respect, love and thanks.
— Amy Douglas, Life Coach
I will start by saying that without Donna we wouldn’t have achieved the natural birth we hoped for. Donna’s guidance prior to the birth and her calm reassurance, physical presence and her creativity during labor enabled me to birth my daughter naturally despite being in a hospital often known for high epidural-use.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Donna’s guidance. Using mundane words cannot attest to my deep and heartfelt gratitude, so I will simply say THANK YOU.
— Alma Mikullnsky