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90 days to shift from feeling numb and stuck in the grind to being fully alive, standing in your power, reclaiming your energy and living without regrets.

This is a high-end offering that isn’t just about finding your purpose in this life - it’s also about uncovering the mystery of who you truly are! The Universe is trying to express itself through you - it’s time to listen and rise.

Don’t let your legacy trail behind you - live it here and now!


  • Fear no longer run the show so you feel free to dream big, gain your energy back and soak in oh-my-goddess-the-world-is-magical feelings.

  • Uncovered your calling in this life so that feeling of vast emptiness shifts into a feeling of spirited inspiration.

  • More confidence in your voice and your world - you’ll gain your sparkle back!

  • A palpable understanding of energy & lucid knowledge of patterns of over-giving, people pleasing and boundary setting.

  • Dropped your expectations for external validation, so you can claim the sacred vision of your life and your way forward.

  • Awareness of what no longer serves you and the confidence to shift it.

  • Confidence in saying ‘no!’ so you can stop doing everything for everyone else and in doing so, replenish yourself so you can lift your world by lifting yourself first.

  • Loving, deep support during this spiritual ascension process, bringing you into a deeper soul-filled connection with your heart’s wisdom and Divine guidance.

  • A relationship with the Divine that is based in LOVE - not ‘should’s, religious dogma and patriarchy. 

  • A profound sense of Trust and clarity on your life’s purpose so you can passionately and authentically rise to unleash your legacy!

You know that waiting feeling... that constant “now is not the time” thought that repeatedly stops you in your tracks and holds you from moving forward. It’s time to let that go - no more self-sabotage! No more playing small! The world needs you and your magic. 

This is an online program with focused depth work. It’s changing lives with the soul focus of leading transformation to your Truth. It involves weekly soul coaching video calls, in-depth content, inspiring homework, meditations designed with your transformation in mind, at-home rituals, numerology readings, an astrology reading, and more!

Each time a woman stands in her power, she inspires other women to do the same. It’s wonderfully contagious and there’s no better time then now. Together, we rise!



With a successful background in marketing, blended with an Honours degree in Fine Art and extensive experience in the healing arts, my work is a union of spirituality, strategy, creativity, sacred ritual and embodiment practices that invite deep emotional work and access extraordinary results for my clients. With arrow-straight and loving guidance, I’m a shadow huntress and an alchemist for turning your challenges into gold, all while teaching you to dance amidst the mystical workings of the Divine.

Imagine having a mentor and coach by your side as you dive deep into the mystery of yourself to uncover your true Divine essence, capture your gems, listen to your fears and guide you to truly follow your heart. This support is IMMENSE and it’s exactly what you deserve! I want to see you rise because I truly believe the world needs you.


Let’s get started by booking a heart to heart chat. I want to know where you’re at and what your feeling. I want to know YOU.


“Through her skillful guidance, I explored a landscape in my being that felt to me like a foreign country. Donna did not tell me what I would find there – she respects that her students will find what they need to. But she helped me tap into the tools and the resilience to explore with the courage and trust in my capacity to feel what I needed to feel and arrive where I needed to arrive. Working with her, I have grown stronger, more tender, authentic and connected.

Hers is an accessible divinity and wisdom, grounded in the real and everyday ways we show up on this earth moment to moment. Donna is a teacher who is in her full power and who wants you to be in yours too.”

- Justina Zatzman, Psychotherapist, Instructor, Hospital Program Manager


“The work I’ve done with Donna has remained a gift that is replenishing itself with every heart beat.

She has an unwavering quality of perception and presence that has nurtured so many of my gifts and challenged my shadows to be embraced, seen, and celebrated.

There are singular observances she has made that may seem like a one off remark from the outside, but inside they have rippled through quite literally years of my life as feel them sink in.

Donna really sees you, and there’s no place to hide, so if you’re ready to really see yourself as well, I can’t recommend her enough.”

-Kira Lancaster, Founder of Wandering Deli Dairy Free


“My path to becoming human again, I say with deep certainty, is indebted to Donna. I survived what many in my condition may not have, with her support.

Donna is an astute healer. Her intuitive prowess, versatility and learnedness of multiple healing modalities make her one of the most effective holistic practitioners I have encountered.

Three years ago I suffered from major physical and psychic torment. My healing was challenging and transformative. In excavating the source of my emotional wounds I learned to open up, to access and harness my inner voice, and to trust in the process.

Donna’s multifaceted and organic approach to personal growth is invaluable.

I write this from San Francisco, California where the Bay area is at the forefront of progressive and integrative healthcare. It is home to the world’s finest healers and yet, I remain loyal to Donna.”

- Jasminder Kaur, Fashion Consultant


Donna's soul coaching experience is an immensely valuable one that has had rippling effects through my life. She gently but firmly guides to the innermost core of YOU and gives tangible exercises on how you can best show up for yourself in this life.

I felt like I was all over the map with my topic selections, and yet every time it was like speaking to a dear friend that knows the exact perfect thing to say to tap into my inner guidance. I am shocked at how much ground we covered in short sessions, and beyond grateful.”

- Jen Lagzdins


“Donna has given me the gift not only of love and wisdom, but of being reminded of my true worth. I am incredibly grateful.”

- Amanda Satov, Naturopath


What are you waiting for?

I’m here for you.