Honours Degree in Fine Art

• York University, Toronto Ontario, 1998 - 2002


Reiki 1 Training, 1998, Sarnia Ontario

• Reiki 2 Training, 1999, Sarnia Ontario

• Reiki 1 & 2 refresh, 2012, Toronto, Ontario

• Munay Ki Rights, 2012, Toronto, Ontario  

• Energy Medicine Studies, 2013, Savannah Georgia

• Reiki & Seichim Masters, 2013, Savannah Georgia

• Reiki Masters, 2013, Toronto, Ontario


Overall Yoga Training:

• 15 year study and practice of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.

• 4 year study in Anusara yoga.

• 2 years of practice in Ashtanga Yoga

Anusara Yoga Immersion, Yoga Yoga East, 2009

• 108 hour Anusara Immersion with Robin Golt & Barrie Risman

Hatha Teacher Training, Kula Yoga Studio Toronto, 2010

• Completed 200 hour Yoga Teacher training under Christi-an Slomka.

Anusara Teacher Training, 2010

• Completed 200 hour Anusara teacher training with Robin Golt in Montreal, Canada.

Anusara Therapeutic Training, 2011

• Completed 30 hour therapeutic training with Martin Kirk.

Forest Yoga workshop, 2012

• A weekend with Ana Forest learning the Forest Yoga techniques.

Yoga Hour Teacher Training, 2012                          

• Refined teacher training for experienced teachers with Darren Rhodes from Tucson Arizona

Asana Junkies Online Course, 2012

• Depth studies on sequencing and shapes with Christina Sell

Ashtanga Yoga Studies, 2013

• A two year dive into Ashtanga yoga practices with David Robson, Toronto Ontario

Anusara Yoga Teachers Intensive, 2011              

•  With the founder of Anusara Yoga, John Friend in Montclair New Jersey

Ashtanga Yoga Immersion, 2014

•  A week-long study on Ashtanga Yoga with David Robson, Toronto Ontario

Running a successful yoga teaching career, 2012 - present


Studies with AdyaShanti, 2010

• A live weekend workshop on meditation and the soul, Toronto Ontario

• Weekly live online calls

Tantric Philosophy & Meditation, 2010

• Workshop with Hareesh Wallis on Tantric philosophy and meditation.

Tantric Philosophy Workshop, 2011 & 2012

• Full weekend workshops with Douglas Brooks on Tantric philosophy.

Rajanaka Online University, 2011                           

• 1 year of study in Tantra and Hinduism philosophy with Harvard professor Douglas Brooks  

Guidance with Ram Dass, 2015                           

• One on one online work with Ram Dass. This rocked my world!

Personal Home Practice, 2011-present


From Womb To World studies, 2013                

• Studies on the soul of a baby making the journey from womb to world with Anna Verwaal, Toronto Ontario

DONA doula studies, 2014                

• Labour and birth studies to become a DONA trained doula, Toronto Ontario

Birthing From Within, 2015

• Use of labyrinths, art, sound, meditation, movement, dream work, personal therapy and ritual (some personal and some in community) to prepare for my own labour / the birth of my daughter

HypnoBirthing, 2015

• A study through my personal pregnancy on the Hypnobirthing techniques and what it includes / doesn’t include.

Working as a birth doula, 2014-2015

Priestess Path Mystery School, 2014 - 2016

• A two year journey through a women’s mystery school, working with the elements, shamanism & ancient practices with ALisa Starkweather. This journey was profound!

Motherhood, 2015 - present

(Most resumes don’t include this role and yet, it provides fundamental life training. I choose to include it here as a way to begin to recognize Motherhood as a crucial role in society. This should be on every resume!)

• Patience 101

• Mentoring 101

• Unconditional love 101

• Anger management 101

• Self-care 101

• Solitude 101

• Serving Others 101

• Surrender 105

Facilitating Women’s Circles, 2015 - present

• Full moon circles

• Motherhood circles

• Stepping into Menopause

• Celebrating the first menstrual cycle


Personal obsession & personal experience, 2005 - present

• This began with the death of my Father and continued to deepen as life moved on and all my Grandparents passed, as well as a personal miscarriage. Study involved transformational experiences around death and dying within mystery school, numerous books, movies and research of all kinds including cross-cultural information, meditation exercises, writing work imagining my own death with teachers/guides and facing death after the birth of my daughter.

Die Wise Talks, 2016

• A weekend with Griefwalker, master storyteller and teacher on death and dying, Stephen Jenkinson.

Online course with Ram Dass, 2019

• Studies on death and dying from a spiritual perspective.

Facilitating group work, 2015 - present

• Inviting groups to explore their own death through meditation, journaling and in-group sharing.


Life Coaching & Yoga workshop, 2011      

•  A weekend immersion with Elena Brower & Lauren Handel from Handel Group, in New York

Life Coaching                                    

•  Bi-weekly / weekly calls with Hildie Dunn from Handel Group, 2011 - 2013

Crystal Awakenings Course, 2011                                       

•  Lessons on crystals and their healing powers with Samantha Chin, Toronto, Ontario

Thai Massage 101, 2012                                        

• Studied in Thailand

Non-Violent Communication Workshops, 2011

• An immersion in the communication technique developed by Marshall Rosenburg, taught by Martha Lasley, Oakville    

Astrology 101, 2013                                             

• With the ever knowledgeable and magical Emily Todd, Toronto, Ontario

Mindful Parenting Courses, 2014 (relevant to ALL ages as we all have an inner child!)                        

• Studies in Gordon Neufeld’s teachings on connection.

Personal Therapy, 2012 - present

• Working with a deeply wise soul for therapy including breathwork, shadow work, and many shamanic, ancient and modern techniques.

Anti-oppression & Anti-racism Training, 2015

• Completed a weekend of workshops at Kula Yoga, with special focus on anti-racism, anti-oppression, gender politics, and body consciousness.

Shadow Work, 2015

• A weekend study in this deeply primal work.

Group Facilitation Experience, 2012 - present

• Guiding numerous groups ranging from 12 - 25 people through transformation exercises including but not limited to yoga, meditation, coaching, breathwork, sounding, song, ritual.

Past Life Regression Training, 2017                    

• Completed a Past Life Regression course including breathwork studies with Yvonne Oswald in Niagara Falls

Drumming & Voice Work, 2017 - 2018

• Weekly drumming lessons & voice lessons

Tarot & Numerology Course, 2018                       

• With Psychic Yvonne Oswald, Niagara Falls

Communication Essentials, 2018

• A private 4 day group training with Sandra Boston

Inner workings of a community, 2014 - present                  

• I’m currently part of a sacred group of women exploring what community means through ritual, gatherings and mindful communication practices.

Anti-oppression Training, 2018

• Awakenings on oppression and how to advocate respectfully and powerfully for those in need. Led by Rachel Ricketts, Toronto Ontario

Transformational Coaching Course, 2018              

• Formal coaching training with Dr. Kate Siner

Money and the Soul, 2018

• Teachings for healers/energy workers/coaches on the healing aspects of claiming your worth and the sacred sales process. Led by Rebecca Kain in Australia.

The Sophia Method Course, 2019   

• Studies for healers / energy workers with Dr. Kate Siner

And in case you’re curious, my last corporate job…


Leo Burnett (advertising agency)

Art Producer, Sept ’09 to Oct 2011

• Art producing photography stills & motion videos for clients such as Kelloggs,

Investco, Vector, Rice Krispies, Bell Canada & The Source.

• Lead Art Buyer for Bell Canada:

• Art Buying for 3 main agencies: Leo Burnett, Zulu Alpha Kilo, lg2 (in Mtl).

• Managing budgets & making overall recommendations on Bell imagery re:

costs, branding & efficiencies.

• Supervision of database coordinator and managing of Jr. Art producer.