Dear Doula

Dear Doula,

As I move through Motherhood and reflect on my baby’s birth, I am just so grateful for you. So, so grateful.

It’s a funny thing to get to know someone in prep for your birth. I mean, I could say that we just met… that we don’t know each other very well. And yet, you know parts of me that even I have just met. And you’re just as loving with them as I’d want you to be.

And then we go back to our life. You live there. I live here. It’s a weird transition to have you so deeply in my life, and then, out of it. You of course, have more Mothers to support and more births to attend. But dare I say… I want more. The deep love that I have surrounding birth has extended to you.

Your sisterhood is a gift. Your support was a gift. The time we spent together is sacred to me.

In watching my birth video and viewing our pictures, I saw just how much of a gift it was to have you there. Your presence was solid, continuous, and loving. Looking at the pictures, I didn’t know you were by my side the whole time because you had done it so seamlessly.. in a way that guided me and didn’t interrupt me. You let me labour as me, and acted as support in the background. But when I needed you front and centre, you were right there.

You were so present it was like you were birthing right along with me; birthing yourself, once again, as a woman feeling the depth of sisterhood and support. You, my doula, are in your element supporting woman birthing. It was an honour to have you.

With love,