Harness The Power of Belief

“To believe what you see is only half. What do you do in the dark then?”

Life of Pi


What a powerful word. Truly, whenever I hear it, I believe whoever has used it. 

The power behind the word resides in the fact that it’s a choice to believe - it doesn’t just happen. To make that choice, we use effort and time, tallying the pros and cons to evaluate whether we’re up for it. We internally question “can I handle the work that comes with holding that belief?” We tap into our level of dedication; if it’s strong, the belief is ours. It’s the effort behind our belief, that makes the word so powerful.

If it feels right, believe.

If you really believe in something, you’ll use effort to change your path and make it true. Believing harnesses the kind of power that can change your life.

Believe you’ll have your dream job, and you’ll work to get it.

Believe you’ll have a healthy lifestyle, and you’ll make it happen.

Believe you can change your life and you will.

I did.

Join me?

“Love is hard to believe, ask any lover.

Life is hard to believe, ask any scientist.

God is hard to believe, ask any believer.

So then, what is your problem with hard to believe?”

Life of Pi

Photo copyright of Donna Wilding.