Pick Up Your Shit

While walking my dog last week I had an epiphany.

The walk was no different from any another. We went to the park so Brooklyn could do his business and business was exactly what he did. I grabbed a doggie bag and proceeded to pick it up and throw it out, avoiding the smell as I did so.

It’s then that my big “aha!” moment struck: walking the dog is just like walking through life. I’ll be walking along, enjoying such things as the view, the air and the breeze…and then it happens - shit that is.

The shit will always sit there and stink - it’s guaranteed. If I don’t pick it up, I’ll see it day and day again. It’ll literally be in my way tainting the previous view, air and breeze that I was enjoying. It’ll just sit there… and stink. And sometimes, I even step in it.  I don’t know about you, but I’m so not into life stinking. 

And so, I have to deal with shit. I need to interact with it, pick it up and throw it out to move it out. At times it requires taking a deep breath and jaw clenching strength. 

Straight up, shit stinks and it happens all the time. If I let it sit untouched, it affects me and well, everyone else walking in ‘my park.’ So instead I choose to deal with it and move it out of my way. It’s not my favourite thing when I have to dig for it, but I still do because once it’s dealt with, life’s 'park’ is so much nicer.

What’s stinking up your life?