5 Tips To Advance Your Asana

1. Check out different teachers and different classes regularly. 

Different teachers will offer you different flows, different poses and different alignment cues. If you're open to it, you'll always pick up something new you can use. If you find a teacher/style that challenges you like no other, stick with them for awhile until that changes again. Then repeat this step.

2. Time your poses.

Interval style. Try 1 minute holds, then up it to 2 minutes. It’s one thing to make it into a pose but completely different to hold that pose. Try it out!

3. Break routine or find routine.

If you don’t have a routine, starting one can deepen your practice. Try doing the same poses daily for a month and watch the progression! If you already have a routine, adding poses to practice will give your body something new to work with. Change up your patterns as well such as what side you do first, what leg you kick into handstand with, and what leg you put into lotus (or a cross legged seat) first.

4. Find your edge.

…and play it. Your edge is a place of fear, possibility and breakthrough’s. The best yogi’s know how to fall, and how to get back up.

5. Listen.

You of all people know exactly what you can do to deepen your practice. Just listen to your body and your mind. It’s likely the things that scare you a little, are the things you need more of. Listen to your inner guide and step into your own light.