I’m floating, alone, ears below the water line
Here my heart sounds like the heartbeat of the earth
Breath lifts, then lowers
Even my mouth is under.

I like it this way.

Bubbles circle where water reveals my body to the air
just like lingerie with holes in all the right places.

I like it this way, too.

I open my mouth and water pours in
I let it fill as much as I can, without swallowing
Breath lifts, then lowers.
Even my eyes are under.

I want more.

I’m floating, only my nose above the water line but,
I get so comfortable a little water silks in there too. 
I let it.

Suspended between breaths -
All encompassing and totally freeing.
Weightless, thoughtless, nothingness -
I remember the first vessel I came here by,

And I think, ‘is this, my little merchild, the reason you cry? Is this my baby, a place you miss?’ 

I Believe

I’ve recently been asked to describe my beliefs in a nutshell (if that were possible) and totally enjoyed the process. I choose to share them as an exercise in facing my fear to be exactly who I am, regardless of judgement from others. 

“Because our beliefs are so important to our survival, we have a tendency to hold those beliefs very strongly, even when presented with opposing opinions or facts. Yet the brain is also capable of changing beliefs if we are open to new ideas and respect the beliefs of others.” - Andrew Newberg

  • I believe we are all all forms of energy and therefore, all connected at the most basic and complex levels. In fact, I believe we are one and the same.
  • I believe in awakenings. 
  • I believe in reincarnation.
  • I believe in entities/spirits existing in different realms.
  • I believe mermaids, unicorns and fairies are real. 

  • I believe in animal guides and messages from them.
  • I believe Mama Earth is alive and conscious.
  • I believe the Universe and this world is a reflection of our collective consciousness and therefore,
  • I believe, if enough people were to envision love, we would change the world and 
  • I believe if we as a race get lost enough, there could be a natural disaster as a reflection of that.
  • I believe that when it thunders, my brother with Down Syndrome really does talk to God.
  • I believe everything happens for a reason, and I believe I am exactly where I should be.
  • I believe time is a concept, not a reality.
  • I believe Jesus, God, Krishna, Allah, Shiva are the same - just different strokes for different folks. I believe that seeing them as different creates a large amount of suffering in the world.
  • I believe we choose our life before we enter this world for some soul purpose that is not totally clear to our human mind.
  • I believe fear of death is a cultural issue - not a human issue.
  • I believe the way someone is brought into this world wholly effects their life.
  • I believe there is a plan. I also believe there is no plan.

Care to share yours?


Howl on!