10 Ways To Wake Up For Yoga

1) Make a promise and keep it.

This practice alone may be harder than your actual yoga practice. If you can nail this, you’re setting yourself up for some serious self respect. Keep your word and you’ll learn to trust yourself. Be the kind of person who does what they say because hitting the snooze button isn’t worth the guilt of going back on your own word.

2) Make friends at the studio.

A lot of them. You’ll look forward to seeing them and they’ll notice if you’re not there. You’ll meet those who inspire you and those who you’ll inspire. You’re not alone in the practice.

3) Prepare the night before.

Go to bed early. Seems obvious right? Then do it. It prepares your mind to follow through on your promise the night before - no more early morning decisions. It makes a fantastic difference. Also set out everything you need for the morning at night.

4) Get up at the same time each day.

Your body loves rhythm. Bringing it back to a rhythm first thing in the morning will be grounding and relaxing. Even though you’re getting out of bed, this morning routine will relax you and make you feel more rested throughout the day.

5) Remember you want to do this.

It was your idea in the first place. Remind yourself of your love for the practice.

6) Deepen your inhale. 

As you wake up, your inhale will naturally deepen - it’s the awakening part of your breath. Help yourself along and put some focus on deepening your early morning inhales more.

7) Stay warm.

In the winter months it’s hardest to get out of bed if the air outside your blanket is cold. Wear something warm to bed and remove some of the the shock of removing your blanket. Know that getting up and practicing will warm your core temperature for the day. Yes please!

8) Shake it out.

Shake out your sleepiness by… shaking. Or try dancing. But most definitely move immediately.

9) Understand the benefits.

Know that your yoga practice isn’t just physically beneficial. Your practice of waking up, keeping a promise and forming self respect by following through is priceless. But you already knew that - that’s why the mat is calling you.

10) Answer the call.

You’re called to this for a reason. Trust it.